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How It Works

The procedure is simple and straightforward.


After you apply and we qualify you:

  1. Go to a dealership or call a sales rep for the specific model we ask you to look for.

  2. After you find the available vehicle, place a deposit on it using the credit card provided by us. Additionally, you may place the deposit on your own credit card and show us the receipt, and we will e-transfer you immediately.

  3. Sign an agreement that you are solely our “buying agent” with our company and you are solely purchasing the car on behalf of us to export.

  4. Wait for the car to arrive.

  5. On the day of the pick up, our representative will come with you to the dealership with the certified cheque in full amount, and the representative will drive the car off directly to a shipping company.

  6. You get your commission in cash or bank draft on the day we pick up the car.

Luxury Cars from Above
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