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Is exporting cars legal?

Absolutely, 100% legal. In fact, Canadian customs take note of the VIN number of each car we export, and mail us back the taxes in cheque for the amount we paid on each vehicle. When the vehicle gets to the port in China, that’s where we pay the local tax to the Chinese government. Think of it as, when you go and buy a Rolex in Switzerland, you would get ask for the taxes refunded to you when you leave the country. You would (should) then report the Rolex to Canadian customs, and pay the duties there.

How much do I get paid and when?

Your commission will be based on the car model you can buy. Depending on the time of year and the price on the car, you can get paid $1000-$10,000 CAD cash. You will receive your commission on the day of pick up. Depending on if you need to order a car or if the car is available at the dealership already, you may complete a deal anywhere between 2 days to 3 months.

What are my benefits as a buying agent?

You will meet a lot of different people, whether it’s other buyer agents or sales agents from the dealership. You will also learn to negotiate - the more discounts you can get on a car, the more commission you will receive.

Can the dealership know I’m exporting?

Dealerships take risk when selling to us. It violates their manufacturer’s agreement which could lead to fines. They also won’t benefit from repeat buyers or profit from services and parts.

How do I qualify to be a buying agent?

We’ll ask you a few simple questions, such as the city you live in, the make and car model you drive, and the year it is, etc. Based on our 1 minute questionnaire, we determine which car you are fit to buy.

What are some risks I need to be aware of?

Dealerships might refuse to sell you the same model in the near future if they find out the car has been exported. So, if you are planning to buy the specific model we are exporting, please consider this risk.

Why don’t you just buy the cars yourself?

We would love to - and we most certainly have bought all the cars we could. But for the above reason, we are no longer able to buy the same models at the dealership. Which is why we are paying you to buy cars for us, using our money.

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